Ways To Make Money Online, Avoid The Scams!

Doing a simple internet search for ways to make money online will reveal thousands of different options. It is very important to realize that 90% of these are trying to SCAM you out of your hard earned money! Today I am firstly going to run through some of the scams to watch out for, and then I will give you a few options that are definitely legitimate.

A Rule of Thumb, Beware!how to make money online

If the returns sound too good to be true, they probably are! We have all seen online sites offering unimaginable overnight riches. SCAM SCAM SCAM! The only way this can possibly happen is if you win the lottery.

Here is a rule of thumb. ALL non-legit ways to earn money online will ask for money upfront and offer you huge returns in a short period of time. ALL legit ones will either be free to join or will offer you a free trial. Most will also tell you that you will not become rich overnight and it will take time and effort to see any results.

This is the harsh reality that you need to accept right now! If you are looking to get rich overnight, go and invest some money in the lottery and pray like mad!! Or you could go and rob a bank…..on second thoughts, please don’t do that!!

The Scams, Enter at Your Own Risk……

Here are some of the things to watch out for. I have provided links to some examples so that you can visit their pages to have a look at what they offer. This is so that you know what to stay well clear of!! If you take them any further you do so at your own risk, you have been warned…..

Ponzi Schemes

beware of ponzi schemeAlso known as “High-Yield Investment Program” (Hyip) scams. This is basically where an operator asks you to invest some money in to a scheme which offers high returns in a short period of time. What happens is the first people to invest do see some small returns at first. However, these returns are actually paid from any new investors and not from profit.

This is all fine until people realise that the operation is a scam and they stop investing. The whole operation then falls flat. The operator disappears with all the money and nobody gets paid out. So how do you know if it’s a Ponzi sheme? Follow the rule of thumb mentioned above!

100% SCAM!

Examples – Capital Management GroupsMore Money Income



Binary Options Trading

binary optionsThis basically a system of trading money on the stock exchange using binary numbers to GUESS if a public company’s value is going to rise or fall over a certain period of time. There are many sites out there that are offering to trade your money for you. They claim that all you have to do is make an investment, sit on your couch and watch your money grow (or more likely disappear)!

The problem with these systems is that at the end of the day it is an absolute gamble on the stock exchange. The operators of such websites also take a commission from any investment that does make a profit. It’s a complicated system but to explain things as simply as possible, your investment would need to be placed correctly about 60% of the time just for you to break even.

You may be lucky at first but eventually you WILL loose your initial investment and by then you will probably be hooked and will find yourself wanting to invest more! Trading on the stock exchange is not advisable unless you are an expert and are handling your money YOURSELF.

80% SCAM!

Examples – Millionaires BlueprintOption Robot

Although binary options trading itself is not a scam, the above websites make huge promises that can never be kept. In fact, once you have registered, you will probably never hear from them again! Both of these offer you free accounts but at the end of the day you WILL have to make an investment to trade. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! IT”S A SCAM!!


Online Gambling….

Online GamblingYou may know as well as I do that sometimes you can visit a casino and win, and other times you will loose. If you can add up all the money that you have ever spent in a casino you will find that you have lost more than you have won. Online casinos are no different. WHY IS THIS? All casino games have been designed with something called a “house edge”.

The “house edge” gives the casino a greater chance of winning than you. For example, the famous casino game “Roulette” has a zero included. If you are betting on even chances like odd numbers or even numbers, if there was no zero you would have a 50% chance of winning. However, with the zero included you have a less than 50% chance of winning because zero is neither odd nor even.

The other thing to be aware of is the welcome bonus which is offered by most online casinos. They offer you free money to play with when you sign up. The problem is that the money is not actually free. When you eventually loose the “free” money you will have to deposit your own money. What they don’t tell you is that if you do eventually win something, you have to pay back your initial bonus before you can get paid out!

60% Scam – Be Aware of the dangers!

Examples – William Hill Casino, Bet 365 Casino

Most online casino sites are legitimate and can’t really be called scams. However, I have one big piece of advise before you even consider it. GAMBLING IS ADDICTIVE! If you do choose to do it, only spend what you can afford to loose because will will eventually loose it. It’s as simple as that!


Online Sports Betting

online sports bettingDitto to above! The only difference is that some people who are VERY experienced in certain sports have been known to be able to earn a good living out of sports betting. Be aware that the odds offered by online betting sites also have a built in “house edge”. Also remember that upsets often occur in the sporting world….THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SURE BET!

50% Scam – Be aware of the dangers!

Examples – William Hill Betting, Bet 365


And Now The Legit Stuff……Good ways to make money online

Here are some ways that I don’t consider to be scam. All of these are legitimate ways to make money online and you can feel safe with them. Again, I will give some examples of sites that you can have a look at. These sites are all ok if you want to try them out.

Niche Marketing (MY #1 RECOMMENDATION)

choose a niche“Affiliate”, or what I like to call “Niche” marketing, is basically selling products online for merchants and getting paid commissions for it. This is most definitely my #1 suggested way to earn money online and ANYONE can do it!

It does require a little time and effort to get started but the results can be massive. I personally know people who have given up their professional careers for affiliate marketing because they started making more money doing it!

You can choose products to market in absolutely any category (niche) that interests you. Nothing better than making money doing something you love! All that is required is a PC and an internet connection. The best thing is that you can start right now for absolutely free. NO money required, NO credit card required. Just your time and effort.


  • Earn a full time income doing what you love.
  • FREE – You can start for free today and even get free training.
  • No former experience or qualifications required.
  • Work form home or anywhere you like.


  • It takes time to get established. Results may only be seen after a few months.

0% Scam….100% Legit!!


>click here for more information about my #1 Recommended method – Niche Marketing<


Survey Sites

survey sitesOne of the biggest ways for organizations to improve is to get customer feedback. A very good way for them to do this is by getting people to take online surveys. There are many websites out there that allow you to register and take part in these surveys. You then get paid or rewarded for each survey that you complete.


  • You can start earning almost immediately after joining.


  • Surveys can take a long time to complete.
  • Sometimes you have to buy a product or join a program to qualify for the survey.
  • Payouts are too small to earn a full time income from it.

10% Scam – Just be careful what programs you are asked to join to take part in a survey.

Recommended Examples – Swagbucks (free to join), My Survey ($68 to join but higher payouts)

This is a great way to earn a little extra money on the sideline but its not going to earn you a full time income. To put it in perspective, an average survey takes approx 30 minutes to complete. Most surveys only pay a dollar or two. You can get paid up to $20 for certain surveys but you will normally have to qualify for these or buy something. If you spent a full working day taking surveys you could possibly make around $40 for an entire days work. Hardly worth all the effort but great for a holiday fund or something like that.


Sell Stuff

I am sure that you may have heard of sites like Ebay and Amazon. These sites allow people to buy and sell products. Even used products! It is normally very easy to set up an account. When your product is sold then you get paid out less referral fees etc.

AmazonEbay.comIt is possible to create a small time business just buying and selling things. Some of these sites also run “auction” type selling strategies. People to place a bid on any product and maybe buy something that is under market value. They can then attempt to resell that item at a later stage for a profit.



  • Sites like Ebay and Amazon have millions of customers in their databases.
  • High chance of your products selling quickly.


  • There are both selling and buying fees which reduces profit.
  • Items that you buy have to be shipped to you before you can resell. This take time!
  • These sites are not available globally. Some countries will not have access to this method.
  • You will not likely earn a full time income doing this (small profit margins).

0% Scam – However, be aware of the buying and selling costs involved.

Recommended Examples – Ebay.com, Amazon.com


Other ways to make money online (professional)accountant

There are other ways that to earn a good living online. However, the skill levels required for these goes beyond the average individual. Examples are:

  • Freelance Writing – Write professional content for people and get paid (see freelancewriting.com for more info)
  • Other professional freelance work – Book keeping, accountancy etc. You can always find online work that you can do from home if you are a professional in these fields. Qualifications are always a necessity though.
  • Stock Market Trading – You will need a degree in economics and finance to make this one work for you!


Conclusion, It’s up to You Now…..

I hope that the above information will have helped you out a little when it comes to finding out how to make money online. I know that most people are looking for quick ways to get rich. Some sites will take advantage of this and try and lure you in by making impossible promises. Don’t fall for it! This is just not reality I’m afraid.

YES you can make money online and good money at that. BUT, please trust me on this, it takes time and effort to succeed. I am going to leave you with some last words of wisdom……

effort for incomeYou wanna earn a good full time income online? Put in a good full time effort!!


Please leave any questions or comments in the section provided. I am here to help and I will get back to you soonest. I would also love to know about any scams that you may have already been caught up in so that I can warn others not to fall prey too. Leave the details and I will be happy to look in to for you.

Before you go you may want to consider something. Are you interested in building a solid online business that you can grow over time and that WILL eventually produce great results? If so please click the link below for a simple 4 step process to do this. It is completely free of charge.


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Ways To Make Money Online, Avoid The Scams! — 12 Comments

  1. Gary, I think it is wonderful that you are actually helping people instead of scamming them. I myself had to change my email address because of all the scams. Ok, I have spent years in Logistics and I love it. I’m now disabled but would love to start my own NICHE.

    • Hi LT Berry

      Thanks for your comment and I understand your frustrations with all the scam emails/programs out there.

      For someone in your position I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It is an awesome establishment that offers the very best training facilities and tools to become a successful online entrepreneur. Niche marketing can be very rewarding and Wealthy Affiliate is the place to learn how to do that.

      You can sign up for free to check out what it is they offer and I highly recommend that you do so. You will find me there in the members area under the name Gary Stan. I will be very happy to mentor you from that side. Hope to see you there…



    • Hi Chris

      In response to the following comment you left on my website – https://pronichemarketing.com/


      I am not exactly sure how you landed on my website but here is what I think is happening….

      You have apparently signed up to many different business opportunity seeking mailing lists. As a result you will be receiving many different offers every single day from different people. I am glad you have found my site because here I offer the one and only solution to online success. Making money online is NOT easy and very few people succeed!!

      It takes training and patience. There is only one institution that provides the training necessary to make it happen. Wealthy affiliate is the answer and it is completely free to join and try it out to see what they have to offer. I joined over two years ago and I am a premium member there now. Like you I was desperate to find a way to earn money online. Through the expert training and support at Wealthy Affiliate I am now running an extremely lucrative and successful online business.

      My advise to you is STOP frantically joining useless mailing lists and receiving a pile of rubbish offers! You have found your way here now take the opportunity and make it happen:


      You will find me in the members area under the username “Gary Stan”and I am ready to help you as soon as you arrive.


  3. Yes there are so many scams. I get tons of emails all the time I feel like you just don’t know what to believe. Time is of essences I would like to make a real income without being scammed. There has got to be a Solution.

    • Hi There.

      I know how you feel! My advise to you is to trust the programs that have proven to be successful.

      Wealthy Affiliate provides the best online training for internet marketing that there is available on the internet these days. It is completely free to join and includes two free online courses and two free websites to build an online foundation for you.

      I joined them over two years ago and I am still a member there whilst enjoying a successful online marketing career. I knew absolutely nothing to start with. They taught me everything I needed to know to start earning money online.

      Give them a try here: Wealthy Affiliate

      Good luck to you.


  4. Very good informative article here. I have been trying to make money online for the past 6 years. But I keep getting burned by scams and loosing tons of money. After reading this article though I must say you have lit that fire in me again. Now that I have more insight and better understanding on how to go about making money online. I will implement them. Thanks wish me luck.

    • Hi Heath.

      I know exactly how you feel! When I first started I also fell prey to some online scams. Luckily I stumbled across an organization called Wealthy Affiliate. They taught me all about affiliate marketing and I have now finally found success.

      Affiliate marketing is the method that I recommend because it is working for me. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

      Good luck.


  5. Great article! Spot on, i spend 12 months trying different things like ebay and amazon, tried to build a website myself, and drive traffic… but i was lacking knowledge and training on how to do it. As there is so many things to learn. I never got into scams where you buy software and make millions overnight, it looked a bit unreal to me. If that was so good, why noone else is doing it? But yea right now i am slowly building a niche website myself, and putting all the dots together.

    • Thanks for your comment Joana.

      I am very pleased that you didn’t fall in the trap of some of the scams out there. Unfortunately, it is really not possible to become a millionaire overnight! Anyone who has managed that has probably done it illegally!! The great news is that you can earn money online legitimately. It just takes a little time and effort as you now know.

      Good luck with your affiliate marketing business. If you ever need some help with your niche website please check out my Pro Niche Marketing Tools section. There you will find a number of useful tools to help you.


  6. Hi Gary, I looked over your page. I especially liked the way you categorized the different scam sections by percentage.

    I think your description of how to know a scam when you see it was very enlightening.

    It would be great to hear more about some of the legitimate opportunities.

    Look forward to seeing more, keep up the good work, Dave

    • Hi Dave. I am really trying here to make people aware of the presence of these scams. There are just so many out there but they follow basic similarities like the promise of getting rich overnight!!

      I am continually researching the legit opportunities and will update this site regularly. Thank you very much for your comment and hope to see you around here again soon.


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