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I am very pleased that you are interested in starting a online business. Within one week you could potentially earn some money online. The best thing is that it’s totally free of charge. Exciting times ahead for sure! If you need a little more information about me before continuing please check out my home page here.

Earn Money OnlineThis course should take you no more than a week to complete if you can spare just about an hour a day. A little of your time is ALL that is all that is required here. Not much to ask for something that can potentially change your life as it is doing with me.

These are the exact steps that I took two years ago that have lead me on this extremely rewarding a path.

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a mentor. Someone at Wealthy Affiliate mentored me and now I am well on my way to success.

I can’t really call my self a mentor because I am still in the learning stage myself. Today I would like you to become a colleague who can join me on a journey towards ultimate success. I have already seen some success but I have also had some failures. I know that I can help you out through my experience.


My Special Offer For You Today….

To build a internet marketing business, it is essential to have a website for your marketing platform. Right now I am able to get you access to an awesome website builder. This website builder will allow you to create a professional looking website in less than 30 minutes. That’s from scratch to live! To design and host a website like this could easily cost you anything up to $500. BUT NOT TODAY!!

If you decide to start my free 4 step course today, you will also get access to this awesome website package absolutely FREE of charge. That means you will pay $0 for ALL of this:

1) My simple 4 step process as follows:

Step 1 – Choose a niche, what are your interests?

Step 2 – Build a website, set up and some basic training (Bonus – 2 free websites included)

Step 3 – Keywords, choose the right keywords for creating content + more basic training.

Step 4 – Monetize your content and potentially make your first sale.

2) An amazing website builder that includes 2 free domains, free website design and free website hosting. It’s so simple to use even for a complete newbie.

Oh, and no credit card details are required either. All you need to do right now to get access to all of this is click on the following link:


Click Here To Get Started



This is EVERYTHING that you need to get started with internet marketing. I am not sure how long I will be able to offer you these free websites so, if you are considering it, please don’t delay.

This package is designed for the complete beginner so no prior qualifications or skills are required. This is how I started and believe me when I say, I knew NOTHING at all back then! If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below, I am here to help you. I also love feedback. That’s how I can improve my services, so please help me to do that by offering your opinions.

I am looking forward to working with you towards your own success.



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Start Now – Build Your Free Online Business. — 6 Comments

  1. Wow. I wasn’t sure if this was going to work but it certainly seems like it is going to! Your 4 step process is so easy to follow and I am thoroughly enjoying building up my online business. And it is FREE which is awesome.

    I have completed the first three steps and all is good but I do have one question. The niche market that I have chosen is not quite what I thought it would be. Is it ok for me to change to something else at this stage? How do I do that?


    • Hi Helen. Glad to hear that you are enjoying this process of building an online business so far.

      To answer your question. Yes is is absolutely fine to choose another niche whenever you want to. I tried a few different niches before I settled on something that I felt comfortable with. All you need to do is go back and run through all the steps again. Now that you know what you are doing it should only take you an hour or two to choose a new niche and build out your website.

      Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate allow you to have two free websites running at the same time so there is no problem there. If you use up both your free websites you can always delete one and start again. If you continue struggling to find a niche that you are comfortable with, click here for an awesome niche suggestion.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.


  2. Hi Gary.

    Thank you so much! I had been desperately looking for a way to make some extra cash. I came across your website a few weeks ago and I am so pleased that I did. I have completed your simple 4 step process and I feel fantastic because I even managed to get a couple of WA referrals by following your sound advise.

    Now, not only do I have a fully operational online business, I also have direction and the confidence to take me forward. Looking forward to working with you in the future. BIG THUMBS UP!!

    Kevin G

    • Hey Kevin. That’s what I love to hear!

      It gives me the greatest pleasure knowing that I am able to help people like yourself. Thanks very much for leaving this feedback. I love to hear how people are getting along. I too am looking forward to continue being a mentor for you as you continue on your journey in affiliate marketing.

      Please check out my conclusion for some advise on your next steps.

      Good luck bro

  3. Hi Gary, thank you for a very comprehensive start now-build your free online business. I thought it was a very short article, but the four-step links explained every thing in details. I agree with you that we should plan out the content and write as if we are talking to a friend, keep it brief and relevant. Congratulations that you could build a website using siterubix in such a short time! would like to know more about how you aim for keywords in the writing. How many times we can repeat using the keywords?

    • Hi Jenna. Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate people leaving feedback and asking questions. That’s what this site is all about, to help people succeed!

      To answer your question, you have to be very careful not to “keyword stuff” your content. Search engines no longer rank content that have too many keyword being repeated over and over again. The best practice is to use your keyword in the post title, maybe once in a sub heading and then again only a couple of times in the body of the content. No more than that.

      I have written an article on creating effective content for a website. This covers keyword placement. You can check it out here.

      Thanks again for your comment.


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