Create Effective Content for a Website, 3 Important Rules!

Writing content can be a rather daunting task, especially if you have never done it before or if you feel that your writing skills are not the best. Don’t panic, it’s really not as difficult as it may seem. Today I am going to show you how to create effective content for a website by following 3 important rules.

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Why I Struggled When I First Started, What Not To Do!

how to create effective content for a websiteI really struggled to create content in the beginning. I was concentrating far to much on getting everything on my site to look perfect. It literally took me days just to write one article, something that I can do now in less than an hour! The reason I find it much easier now is because someone told me that I was overcomplicating things. Now I just keep it simple and I get results!

Know one thing, you are not writing an essay for an English professor! You are writing for normal people who are just looking for some helpful information. If you can help them out with something then they will trust you. People will only consider buying something from people they TRUST.

There are 3 rules that I stick to for each and every article that I post. These rules are:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep it relevant
  • Plan your content

1. Keep it Simple, Easy Writing is Easy Reading….

I always try to write like I am talking to a friend. You really don’t have to use complicated words and long winded paragraphs. Actually, it is much better to use very small paragraphs and simple language so that it is easy for everyone to read.

We live in a world of social media and most people are now used to reading a very short status comments. You can only tweet 140 characters in a Twitter feed for example. So, keep it simple and easy to read.


2. Keep it Relevant, Relevance is the Most Important Topic….

Creating Content TipsYou must first consider who you are writing for, what information they may need and how they can benefit from what you have to tell them. These are probably the most important factors when it comes to creating content.

Can you imagine if I had a blog post entitled “Top Tennis Tips” and I started writing about football! I would be engaging the wrong audience and anyone directed to my site who is searching for tennis tips would leave immediately and will probably be annoyed!

Think about your audience very carefully and how you can help them. Use relevant keywords, relevant content and offer them relevant products. All your content must also be relevant to your website niche. If your website is about fishing, then keep ALL your content within that niche. Simple!



3. Plan Your Content, Calculating a Route Means You Don’t Get Lost….

You will find it much easier to create your content if you are following a plan. It will keep you on topic and it will help you to layout your article correctly. I am going to use this very page that you are reading to use examples of how I plan and layout my content:

Use a relevant page title – This is the first thing that someone visiting your site will see so try and engage them with it. If you are using a keyword then it should be included in this title.

Page Title

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Write a short introduction paragraph – about what you are going to cover on this page. Again you should include your keyword here.

Short Introduction

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Write down some topics you would like to cover and use these as heading tags to separate your content to make reading easier.

Heading Tags

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Create your content around these topics keeping it simple a relevant.

Content Areas

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Use relevant images – People are visual by nature and find it easier to read content represented by pictures. One of these images should also include your keyword in the Alt Text.

Relevant Visuals

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Always add at least one “call to action” phrase to tell people what they must do next. Your aim is to keep them on your site or to get them to join a mailing list so you can keep in contact with them. This is normally added right at the end of your content.

Call To Action

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The last thing to do is a very quick spelling and grammar check before publishing your article. Again, don’t spend hours on this. It’s ok if it’s not perfect. Just so long as it is to the point and easy to read.


That’s It We’re Done!

Thanks very much for reading this post about how to create effective content for a website.Please leave any questions or comments in the section provided below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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