Build a Free Website, Set Up and Basic Training.

This is the second stage of my 4 step process in building a niche marketing business. If you have just joined me please make sure that you have chosen a niche by following step one before continuing.

Today you are going to learn how to create a free niche website. This is where your sign up bonus comes into play. You now have access to the best free website builder available on the internet for FREE!

Your website is going to be the foundation on which your entire business is built. It is your communication highway to the world. You need it to be able to capture peoples attention and get them to buy your affiliate products.


Why do I need a website? I’ve got Facebook!

how to create a free niche website

A question asked by many people when first starting out in affiliate marketing! Let me answer by giving some stats….

I have about 800 friends on Facebook. I have similar numbers on other social platforms too but they are mostly the same people.

These are just friends but, if I was using my account purely for business, I could probably push these numbers well into the thousands. You would think that a few thousand people is not a bad customer base. I can advertise my affiliate product links through these social channels and may very likely get a few sales. This is great, but only a few sales is not going to earn me a living!

Did you know that Google processes over 40 000 searches every second! That is 3.5 billion searches every day. Google only accounts for 60{d2eff4ffc6f088af4aeb84fd6552e69a5f8b1d820a5bd3da75f23c87cfbb7bfb} of internet search volume. Yahoo, Bing and others account for another 2.3 billion searches a day. That a whopping 5.8 billion internet searches everyday!! The figures are mind boggling but it just gives you an idea of the massive audience that you have to target just by having a website.

It’s Free and Quick to Build, No Jokes……

I must be honest, building a website was the one thing that I was very nervous about when first starting out. I was under the impression that it was a very expensive and long winded process. First I would need to pay someone to do the design work, then pay for a domain and finally pay for hosting.

If you are thinking this then think again. What if I told you that you can have all of the above done within the next 20 minutes and all for FREE. Well you can and this is how we are going to do it. Please follow this simple tutorial to get your website now…..

1. Best Free Website Builder – Site Rubix

Follow the link provide below to open the Site Rubix page where you will be able to create a free domain and start the website building process. I just want to mention again that this process is completely free of charge. This page will open in a new tab so that you can continue following my tutorial through to completion.

Click here to open the Site Rubix webpage builder

best free website builder


2. Choose a Website Name

Let’s take a look at your chosen niche from “Step One”. You now need to choose a website name that is relevant to your niche. For example let’s say your chosen niche is tennis. “Tennis” is a very broad subject. Think of someone doing a Google search, they probably wouldn’t just type in “tennis”. Their search would most likely be more targeted like “best tennis balls” or “top tennis tips”.

Take a couple of minutes and think about your niche. What is it that you love most about it and what do you think will be your main focus for your content.

Taking the above example I could have a website that focuses mainly on tennis equipment. A relevant website name for that could be “Essential Tennis Equipment”.

3. Enter Your Website Name

I will continue using the tennis example to demonstrate the process. The next step is to type your chosen website name into the Site Rubix plugin as I have shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot 1


You may find that the name you have entered is unavailable. This means that it has already been taken by someone else so you will have to choose another name. When you see a green “Available” button, then you can go ahead and click the blue “Build My Free Website” button.

4. Create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will now be asked to create an account at Wealthy Affiliate if you do not already have one. Wealthy Affiliate offers free starter membership and no credit card details are required. With this free membership you get free website hosting. It’s insane!! This means that your website will be live as soon as it has been built.

You might be wandering where the catch is here. Why is it free? Well the owners (Kyle & Carson) are so confident in their program that they are willing to let anyone try it out for free for as long as they want.

Please note, you will be offered a promotional 59{d2eff4ffc6f088af4aeb84fd6552e69a5f8b1d820a5bd3da75f23c87cfbb7bfb} discount if you go premium within your first week. However, this is not mandatory at all. Your account is limited compared to a premium account but you will still get your free web hosting and an awesome amount of affiliate marketing training facilities for as long as you want.

Wealthy Affiliate Welcome

As you move forward in your business development you will probably make your own decision to go premium anyway.

Just so that you know, Wealthy Affiliate premium membership costs $47 per month ($19 for the first month if you join within seven days). Right now you don’t have to worry about this though. Remember, we are building you a business for FREE at the moment!

You can go ahead and create your account now by completing the very simple registration form provided. All that is required is an email address, username, full name and you will need to create a password.

5. The Final Steps

You will now have the WA welcome screen and you will be asked to take a tour. Let’s skip this tour for now as you can always take it at a later stage.  Let’s not forget what we are trying to do here. You can get into the other elements of Wealthy Affiliate later but right now we want to build your website. Press skip and then on your WA screen you should now have the next easy steps to build your website.

Step 1 – click on “A free Website” and if your domain name is not already filled in then enter it as I have done here in my example:

Screenshot 2

Step 2 – write in the name of your website like I have done using the tennis example:

Screenshot 3

Step 3 – choose a theme template for your website. Please note that you can change this in your admin area at any time so don’t spend too much time going through them right now. Just pick the first one:

Screenshot 4


Step 4 – You should now have everything ready and similar to mine shown below. That means you are all good to go! Click on “I’m ready, build my website now”

Screenshot 5


Congratulations, it’s done! You now have a live website.

Before moving on to the next stage it is important that finish setting up your Wealthy Affiliate account. It is best to upload a profile picture to give you more credibility within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

The best thing to do at this point is to start some basic training at WA. This will help you to set up your WA account properly, understand more about affiliate marketing and finish setting up your website.

I would like you now to proceed to the training program and complete lessons 1 to 6 by following the link I have provided below. You can skip lessons 3 and 4 if you want because we have already covered those.

This part of training should only take you a few hours to complete. It is not at all complicated but it is important to give you a better general understanding of affiliate marketing.

Earn Money Online

I would really like you to stay with me through my entire 4 step process. I know that Wealthy Affiliate has a huge amount to offer you but it is so important that you don’t get distracted this early on in your development.

The next two stages of this course lead to the money aspect so please return here as soon as you have finished the training sessions. Hopefully I will even help you to make a sale within the next few days!

In “Step Three” we are going to be covering the content creation part of your new website. This will start to tie everything together and form the communication base of your business. 

Please make sure that you have completed the training session before moving on….

If you have had any problems up to this point or just want to leave general feedback, please use the comment section provided below.

click here to start the training session now

Wealthy Affiliate



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